The Project

The car engines,
the emotions
and the warmth of wood

They are called “machines”, “motorcycles”, “engines”, “objects”. In the worst cases they are classified as “scrap”, for us they are, instead, stories to be told through forms.

Stories of pilots who ran for the passion and who challenged their limits as men.

Stories of mechanics who have achieved incredible goals using only hard work and the spirit of sacrifice.

Stories of cars that become common objects or small treasures to be protected and shared with few.

Then there is another story, made up of the passion for cars.

We introduce ourselves,
we are Davide and Paride.
This is our story.

We are Paride and Davide, two brothers passionate about technology, art and the 4 wheels world.

Paride is a computer science graduate, who is creative and loves to experiment. Davide is a vehicle engineer; he is methodical and always looking for the right formula. From an early age, we were both fascinated with car engines, so much so that our eyes sparkled when we saw small and large cars. Not to mention the great challenges and great drivers who have marked the history of motor racing: a whirlwind of emotion that has shaped our tastes and led to the creation of Sculturia.

In 2015 we therefore decided to invest in setting up a small artisan workshop by purchasing some latest generation equipment. The target? We emphasize, with our interpretation, the design of a vehicle, a bit like the one that was born from the designer’s pencil, through woodworking.

For us, reproducing the design of a car means studying its forms in depth, letting ourselves be carried away by its lines, imagining ourselves while we are driving the vehicle, even trying to smell the scent of the interior.

Our mission

To ensure that you are excited to see in front of you the finished sculpture.

This is why we consider it essential to dedicate the necessary care to each single piece; we offer the possibility of using original paints and of creating ad hoc customizations.

Furthermore, to guarantee exclusivity, we also reserve numbered series for the entire sculptures.

Contact us

Our creations belong to the new generation of sculpture, where technology and manual work blend with the right balance to obtain an exclusive, prestigious and accessible product.


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