The Process

The main ingredient, wood

Our job is to recreate, even to the touch, the sensation you get from the car you love or own.

The final sculpture obtained is always unique. How is it accomplished?

To achieve this result, we use all the elements that make the artistic sculpture still great today through study, improvement of technique, to aspire for perfection; vision and patience (wait time). However, there is always a beginning, which for us takes the name of the wood “Okumè.”

Wood is a living material, always, and like us it has its fingerprints, the grain. It gives warmth and prestige to a piece of furniture, it is simply inimitable.

A work in solid wood can only be obtained by removing material, just like a sculpture, leaving the story of the tree intact in the heart of the object.

In Sculturia we have chosen Okumè, used in the nautical sector for its excellent properties of limiting distortions and lasting over time.

perfection, vision and waiting.

From idea to the structure, the 12-step process that transforms the wood into sculpture

we are answering the initial question: how is the sculpture made? It took several years and very long experimental phases to optimize our work and to “break it down” into 12 phases:
The 3D design
The 3D model is created which follows the original shapes of the car model to be stylized on a 1:12 scale. Here the shape is defined according to the style of Sculturia Cars.
Selecting the block of wood
We select the block of wood that can contain the object designed in 3D, all the wooden blocks in our warehouse have been previously selected for quality of density, grain and consistency.
The cut and leveling
With the use of a bench plane and a radial saw, the block of wood is transformed into a perfect parallelepiped and useful references are added for subsequent processing.
CNC milling
With the aid of a numerically controlled machine, the wooden block is modeled according to the previously designed 3D model.
Handcrafted finishing
Here the classic tools of a sculptor such as stonemasons and abrasive papers come into play, the shapes are improved with greater details and the surfaces are made consistent and smooth. In this phase the semi-finished product can also be discarded and the sculptor starts over from point 2 if the wood shows any imperfections.
The base
In this phase, you alternate about three times the passage of a body primer and sandpaper with very thin abrasive papers, until perfect surfaces are obtained. The necessary drying time is expected for each pass of primer with an airbrush. It shows how this phase can require several working days.
The paint
After obtaining the maximum perfection of the surfaces, at least two coats of original bodywork paint are applied (no paint for modeling), baking if necessary, just like a real car. This phase also requires several working days as it is necessary to wait for the drying times of the various coats of paint.
This is a phase in which any possible paint imperfection is eliminated, using extremely fine abrasive tools.
The clear coat and the polishing
Sulle nostre sculture applichiamo uno strato di trasparente protettivo di altissima qualità, non ingiallente, proprio come su alcune auto vere. Dopo la totale essiccazione del trasparente si effettua la lucidatura con piccolissime spatole lucidatrici e paste abrasive specifiche. Il risultato che si ottiene dopo questo ultimo passaggio sulle superfici è un effetto ceramica sorprendente.
Laser engraving
On the bottom of the sculpture a circular space is left without paint, with the wood visible, this is where the laser engraving with the model name and serial number is done.
Glass and aluminum plate
To cover the wood but still leave it visible, a glass with a thickness of 10 mm is set and framed with an aluminum plate.
The box and certificate of authenticity
A certificate of authenticity is printed and signed; in addition to the model of the car it is inspired by, it will also show the serial number, the scale, the paint code, the year and place of manufacture. The box has been specially designed for Sculturia Cars and for each model a sponge is shaped which houses the sculpture and guarantees maximum protection even during transportation.
The sculpture is ready!

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Purchasing on Sculturia means giving a 100% original and unique product.

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Our creations belong to the new generation of sculpture, where technology and manual work blend with the right balance to obtain an exclusive, prestigious and accessible product.


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