Exclusive Gift

We are craftsmen, we create exciting sculptures from wood.

The value of a gift

Sometimes we ask ourselves what is a car, not finding a single answer: for some it is the achievement of a goal, for others it is a way of reliving old memories, for others it is something that combines design, technique and engineering.

Whatever the answer, we are convinced that giving something personalized is a unique and exclusive gesture.

Unique, because your gift will be numbered and modeled for the person who will receive it.

Exclusive, because all the products have quality materials and are embellished with a box that enhances the shape and content of the gift.

Our work, our passion

We are the first to feel something indescribable when we see the reaction of those who receive our sculpture. If your goal is to give a truly original and valuable gift, we place our wisdom at the disposal of those who intend to give a gift that will excite.

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Our creations belong to the new generation of sculpture, where technology and manual work blend with the right balance to obtain an exclusive, prestigious and accessible product.


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